That was the sentence a friend of mine shouted to me at five am after a night at a bar. But I just can’t help loving to tell them.

I am grateful for having lived a wonderful life so far, and I hope there will be many more great memories to come. But to create room for new, some old ones have to be forgotten. And that’s what I don’t want to happen at any cost.

So I decided to write down everything as I remember it – from birth to as long as I will get. All names of places and people have been changed – for the sake of privacy. But apart from that truth can and sometimes will be stranger than fiction.

The simplest way to read this is as a book – from post one onwards. The first few years of a baby boy may not be too interesting, but believe me, you miss a lot if you don’t start from scratch. The simplest way of moving forward is to press ‘Next Post’ at the bottom of the page.

When you’re ready to go, just click on ‘The Story Starts Here‘. You can reach the next post by clicking on ‘Next post’ at the end of each post. Or if you already know what to look for, just read the latest posts. If you wish to go to to a specific point in my life, click on ‘Index’.

New posts are published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



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The autobiography of an ordinary man whose life is very much out of the ordinary