This Is Where It All Begins

We all know that familiar story. A woman goes to have an evening walk on the seaside, meets a man and the rest is history. Or if not history in its literal meaning, at least the beginning of something.

Eight months after one of these familiar stories took place I was born in a place called Hubertus, a seaside town located on the coast of Finland. It was one of the first days of spring, and an unusally warm one. I have been told, that the day was very bright and sunny, temperature was well over zero degrees Celsius and the birds were singing.

I was an extremely tiny boy, otherwise bald but with a batch of ginger hair on my had. And because of my early looks I was given the nickname ‘Tintin’ after the comic strip hero.

I needed a real name, too. And after a long and careful consideration, my mother decided that I should be named Christian Lafontaine. And so my journey could begin.


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