Part 1: The Early Years
The story of a boy aged 0 to 3 who learns to walk, talk and destroy kitchen chairs, makes her grandmother a nervous wreck and travels to Africa.

Part 2: The Yellow House in the Eerie Village
Ages 3 to 4 with a new language to be learned, the birth of a strange hairstyle, a forest with child eating machines and a place that would haunt me for the years to come.

Part 3: Living Next Door To A Gangster
Ages 4 to 7 spent in the most peaceful place on planet with a hellish neighbour. Includes a passionate love for tigers, meeting a cougar woman in the Canary Islands, learning to write and bike and sticking my hands into a mess where they shouldn’t have been.

Part 4: Back To Where It All Began
The life of a kid on the first grade of primary school. This chapter includes lots of new friends, selling mobile phones cut out of paper with fake money, joining the boy scouts and quitting after an accident that could have been much worse than it was.

Part 5: Growing Up With Nancy
Or in other words: grade two. More mobile phones cut out of paper, British detective series and the most beautiful love song of all time. Meeting the girls next door, falling in love with a book series that was meant for girls and the first signs showing, that perhaps not all people in my family are as friendly as they should.

Part 6: The Girl With Hazel Eyes
Grade three. Our tiny family bought a new place to spend the long summer days at, and I managed to find myself a dream career path and a schoolbag that suited it very well. I started collecting things which made me famous at school and also found my first real crush.

The autobiography of an ordinary man whose life is very much out of the ordinary

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